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Buy PayPal account certified and verified
Buy PayPal account certified and verified

This method is to have a Paypal verified with a credit card, so not stolen 100% legal in the price of 25$


I ask you to create a PayPal account, I will then send you the numbers of the card cvv dates ect ... then I send the send the RIB code to check the PayPal account and ready to use up 2500€. 

I already have a PayPal account what is the risk?

Paypal can be detected by a control of the account, based on your browser and Ip and probably other methods.PayPal can therefore block the card or even accounts to ask you ... checks the solution and use a Virtual machine like VirtualBox and well change your IP or use a VPN remains a best VPS ip but must remain in Europe. For those who have never had any concern Paypal account to do this. 

How do I create a Paypal account I know nothing?
usually I touch you on Skype, I ask you for a screen sharing guided you and help you up 'in that it is checked and you are satisfied

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My skype : j500j500

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